MISTBORN - Season 1

Why Adapt Mistborn?

That’s a valid question. Why write a Television adaptation of Mistborn? After all, I don’t own the intellectual property, nor do I own the film or television rights, in fact, the chances of this adaptation seeing the light of day is relatively slim. So why do it?


I suppose my main goal was to see if I could. Could I take the knowledge I've learned from twenty years of scriptwriting and transform a novel into a full-fledged Television show? From beginning to end. Without stopping or giving up? It took a little less than a year, but I suppose the answer is yes. Along the way, I learned more about adapting a novel into a screenplay than I would have if I didn’t embark on this journey. 

The second reason was that Mistborn is very cinematically written. The way Brandon Sanderson wrote this book lends itself well to a TV series along the lines of HBO's 'Game of Thrones' Netflix's 'The Witcher' series or Amazon's 'Carnival Row' 

And third, I had an absolute blast doing it. This was one of the most positive and enjoyable writing experiences of my life. 

I hope you enjoy what I've accomplished here, and maybe it'll garner enough attention to bring to light one of the greatest fantasy series ever told. 


Episode 1 - The Final Empire

When Kelsier returns to Luthadel to hire a thieving crew for one last job he comes across the street urchin, Vin. A young girl with extraordinary powers that could rival his own. 

Art by - Cristi Balanescu


Episode 2 - Rebels Beneath a Sky of Ash

Now aware of the powers within her, it is up to Kelsier and his band of Mistings to train Vin in the ways of Allomancy, but as the young girl's confidence grows evil Inquisitor agents working for the Empire get increasingly closer to tracking her down. 

Art by - Alec Acevedo

Episode 3 - Son of a Blacksmith

Vin infiltrates a nobleman ball to spy on the aristocracy but with the confidence in her powers growing decides to follow Kelsier to Kredik Shaw, the palace of the Lord Ruler, soon finding herself in over her head and in grave danger. 

Art by - Giselle Almeida

Episode 4 - Plots Behind Plots, Plans Beyond Plans

Vin continues to spy on the aristocracy while Kelsier sows dissent between the various noble houses. He leaves Luthadel to check on the growing rebel army, giving them the push they need to fight the Final Empire.  

Art by - Marc Simonetti

Episode 5 - Dancers in a Sea of Mist

As Vin learns more about how the Lord Ruler came to power. She also has doubts about the noblemen she's been tasked with spying on. A premature attack on an Empire base has Vin and Kelsier racing to save their rebel army. 

Art by - Chris McGrath

Episode 6 - The Logbook

With the house war on the brink of erupting, and Kelsier's brother Marsh infiltrating the Ministry, Vin learns that her cover within the aristocracy has been compromised and must fight to survive. 

Art by - Elizabeth Peiro

Episode 7 - The Survivor

Kelsier and Vin make a grim discovery, one that leads Kelsier back to where his journey began. With the job hanging in the balance the thieving crew questions whether or not to go on. 

Art by - Marcela Medeiros

Episode 8 - Believers in a Forgotten World

In their darkest hour, the citizens of Luthadel rally around the survivor to take the fight to the Empire, but can their combined forces stop the Lord Ruler, or is their Rebellion doomed unless Vin can find a way to defeat a god. 

Art by - Steve Argyle

"There's always another secret"

Kelsier - The Final Empire

Artwork by - Marc Simonetti